About Dan


“I’m in the State Senate to cut spending, lower taxes and fight corruption. Together, we can reform our state for us and our children’s future.” 

Dan McConchie is the State Senator for the 26th District of Illinois and was elected by his peers in 2021 to serve as Leader of the Senate Republican Caucus.

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With a cultural understanding of the world, a passion for service, and an experience of overcoming challenges and obstacles in life, Dan has a unique ability to bring a wide variety or perspectives to his role as a legislator.

Dan’s heart for service started on his 17th birthday when he enrolled in the Army National Guard and spent nine years in both the infantry and military police. It was during his service that Dan adopted his personal motto, “Adapt and Overcome.”

EarlyDateThe motto became more important than ever in 2007 when Dan was the victim of a hit and run accident in Mundelein while riding a motorcycle that left him with a spinal cord injury and requires him to use a wheelchair for mobility. While some people may stay down after suffering a major loss, Dan bounced back and used his experience to be able to overcome issues within his professional and public career. Dan continues to be active outdoors and enjoys adaptive sports while continuing his love of traveling.

It was through his love of traveling that he met his wife Milena. In his 20s Dan traveled to Prague, The Czech Republic to attend an educational institute on American politics and economics where he and Milena met and instantly fell in love marrying just a few months later.

Milena, who grew up in communist-Bulgaria, knows first-hand the importance of democracy and what it is like to live under strict government control. She recalls dinner table conversations spoken in whispers as her family feared the government was listening. Her real-life experience in those conditions gives Dan an even stronger passion to fight to protect our freedoms that we have come to know here in the United States.

Together they live in Hawthorn Woods and have two beautiful adult daughters.

You can connect with Dan on Facebook at facebook.com/danmcconchie or via Twitter @DanMcConchie.

Visit the Issues page to learn more where Dan stands on what’s important to Illinois voters. You can visit his official Senate website at: SenatorMcConchie.com