It is petition gathering season again. Can you help collect signatures to get Dan on the ballot? Just click on the link below to download the petition and follow the instructions below. At the bottom is a map – all signers need to be registered voters and live inside the district.

Click here to download Dan’s petition


The signatures you gather as a “Circulator” of Dan McConchie’s nominating petitions will be used to qualify Dan’s name for the ballot. Please be warned that the validity of every signature you gather may be closely scrutinized by Dan’s opponents, and any invalid signatures could result in legal challenges seeking to remove his name from the ballot. As such, it is fundamentally important that you gather valid signatures from registered voters in the 26th District. If at any time you have questions about your role as a circulator, please contact Dan’s campaign staff.

  1. Circulators must be 17 years of age or older, is otherwise qualified to vote and a U.S. citizen. You DO NOT need to be registered to vote. (Circulators who are 17 must turn 18 years of age on or before the date of the next general election.)
  2. Circulators MAY NOT circulate petitions and Signers MAY NOT sign petitions for more than one political party (e.g., circulating/signing a petition for Dan and a Democrat for another office is prohibited). Circulators MAY circulate petitions for more than one Republican candidate, but NOT another candidate in this race.
  3. Petition signers DO NOT need to have voted in a previous Republican Primary to be eligible to sign the petition.
  4. DO NOT use ditto (“ ”) marks for any part of an address and DO NOT use abbreviations such as “HW” for Hawthorn Woods or “O.P.S.” for Open Parkway South. Abbreviations such as “St.” and “Ave.” are acceptable.
  5. You may fill in empty boxes such as the voter’s printed name and address information if they left it blank. You MAY NOT use white-out for any reason. If a mistake is made, just cross out and have signer initial mistake and then write/sign on the next line.
  6. You MUST personally witness all signatures made on this petition. Petition signers MAY NOT sign for spouses, family members or others whether authorized or not. You MAY NOT leave this sheet on a counter for people to sign and return later to pick up sheet.
  7. Circulators MAY sign (as petition signers) only once, which MAY be a petition they personally circulate.
  8. Petition signers SHOULD both print and sign their names as listed on their voter’s registration card. (e.g., “William E. Jones” not “Bill Jones”) and they MUST be registered to vote at the address where they reside (- no P.O. Boxes).
  9. Petition sheets with fewer than 15 signatures will still help Dan get on the ballot so please send them in! Blank spaces in the circulator’s affidavit SHOULD be completed with the exception of the page number. PLEASE DO NOT NUMBER THE PETITION SHEETS!
  10. Circulators MUST sign the circulator’s oath before a notary public, DO NOT sign it ahead of time. Most Township Offices and Libraries will notarize for free. Dan has a notary public on staff if you cannot find one.
  11. Please refer to walk sheets and record supporters contact info and sign locations as you walk neighborhoods.
  12. You MAY NOT circulate petitions inside of government buildings, nor may you circulate while “on the clock” if you are employed by a governmental entity.


Elect Dan McConchie
PO Box 243
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

If you should have any questions, please call (847) 796-0395 or email